What if we made massage as essential as coffee?

Coffee and massage. What a brilliant combination. I love the taste of coffee in the morning. And nothing beats a good massage to make me feel absolutely brilliant. I still remember how difficult it was to find a decent coffee on Britain’s high streets 20 years ago. Instant coffee was the order of the day.  A lot has changed since and good quality coffee has found its place in our culture.  In the same way, massage therapy is no longer regarded as unusual, mainly for athletes or only found in Spas.  More and more people are seeking help when their well-being and movement quality are compromised, or when they simply want to feel good. And as we learn more about how our bodies work, how dysfunction comes about and how to remedy it, we find better ways of caring for and looking after ourselves.  We no longer ascribe to the notion that ageing is responsible for all ailments and that we have to put up with discomfort and pain, no matter what. It’s important to pay attention to how we feel before little imbalances become big problems and before tissue changes become chronic. Therefore it seems essential to cultivate that inner perception which feeds our body awareness and body image. Massage counts definitely among the few capable modalities of bodywork, to do just that.

So then, what if we made massage as essential as coffee?