What are ideal clients?

“Whether we open fully to the world or shrink back from it will be dictated by the kind of world we have met, and the support, or lack of it, we feel we have had.”

I was talking with a friend about advertising and they asked about my ‘Ideal Client’ in order to target my advertising effectively. I didn’t know the answer, as I am happy for anyone to receive and enjoy massage or bodywork with me. Anyone, who is brave enough to step into the ring with me.

Since then I’ve carried that question around with me and sat on it. I continued working with different types of people with different problems and over the following weeks the answer came to me.

My ideal client comes in all shapes and sizes, as all bodies are inherently beautiful. Whether strong or unfit, healthy or not, there is always beauty.
My clients are either small or large, skinny or big boned, young or old, stressed or relaxed, nervous or chilled, smiling or sad, limping or skipping, and sometimes not sure if they have come to the right person.

The most success I have is with people who are taking steps towards feeling better in their bodies, those who are on the way to accepting themselves for who they are or those who are curious to discover what they can change about themselves. The most beneficial treatments are with people who allow their attention to focus on what feels good, what doesn’t and communicate that to me as the treatment progresses, hungry to learn more about themselves and what they can do to improve. Experiencing good feeling in the body, even temporarily, is motivation enough to invest in change and to seek continued progress.

My ideal clients are those who are committed to themselves and embrace their own responsibility in the healing process that massage facilitates.

If a situation arises where I feel I cannot help a client or if I am unable to answer a question, I will recommend another practitioner or seek the advice they require.