New CPD workshop

Movement, Mind and Touch, a new CPD workshop on the 7th July at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, 10:00 to 18:00, cost £ 80.00, other dates to follow.

movement, mind, touch4

You might be interested in the new CPD workshop I have co-created with Andrea Maciel, a friend of mine, who is a dancer, movement teacher, trained in body-mind-centred movement and has been teaching dancers and actors for a number of years. We will draw on our combined experience and explore the following during the one-day workshop.

The act of healing and taking care of another person’s wellbeing involves sensorial cooperation, body’s listening and movement interaction within a dynamic of mutual trust. Exploring and harnessing your physical intelligence, feeling comfortable and free in your body and enhancing your embodied experience as a practitioner is at the centre of our work together. We will offer practices that will allow you to let go of conditioned behaviour, stiffness and blocks that are preventing you from connecting with your body. We will practice how to empower your relationship with yourself and discover that we have endless possibilities when exploring inner movement as a way of mastering touch. Participants will work on elements such as body connectivity, sensorial led movement, conscious cooperation, movement awareness and channelling intention as catalysts for changing motion and behaviour.

Other elements of our workshop include:

Cultivating curiosity and openness in our work

Holding and creating inner stillness

Activating body-awareness in yourself and others through your own physical intelligence

Responding with softening and flow around areas of perceived tension and resistance

Creating a deep and true connection with yourself and others through movement

Feeling comfortable and free in your body to enhance your embodied experience

Reaching a body-mind connection and move as one

Practising the relationship between movement, mind and touch

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