What we can we as massage therapists add to the work of a chiropractor?

A question that I was asking myself when I began working at a chiropractic clinic.

In massage therapy we predominantly work with the soft tissues of the body, but also with joint mobilisation and sometimes bone stimulation. Simply put, much like the guy ropes of a tent, the soft tissues hold our body together by placing tension on our bones and joints. These are designed to withstand a certain amount of compression, but also allow for movement. The muscles hold the bones in place and when unbalanced are capable of pulling our bones out of beneficial alignment, putting a strain on all of the body. And because the bones are living tissue, they will respond and change according to the forces placed upon them. Our aim, therefore, is to create and maintain a balance in the soft tissues that do not put undue pressure on our bodily systems, joints, bones and other soft structures.

A tight muscle will pull a joint into a dysfunctional position and a weak muscle will allow that to happen. It’s all about creating balance. At the same time, massage therapy is very unique in facilitating relaxation via the way it stimulates our nervous system, toning down heightened stress responses and facilitating more body awareness. For my availability please click here.

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