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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to create and stick with good habits? Sleeping, eating and moving well are key factors to leading a healthy and more fulfilled lifestyle. Knowing this, however, is not enough to motivate change.

We are becoming increasingly disconnected from our bodies when using modern technology and negotiating our man-made environment. The ability to feel into our bodily sensations is no longer required to live our lives. By becoming disconnected we literally lose sense of how we are treating our bodies.
We also lose the connection to our internal guidance that supports our decision-making, we no longer trust what we instinctively feel, we no longer trust our bodies and we have to become reliant on what others tell us. It’s easy to follow our own misguided thoughts and fears that are a product of our perceptions and past experiences, but not rooted in reality. It’s equally easy to follow all the distractions on offer and avoid our true feelings or what our bodies are trying to tell us.
We all are seeking connection but neglect to keep that important connection to our selves. How do we then re-connect with our bodies?
Re-connection can be created if we start by making a commitment to our selves, taking little steps daily, finding practices that help us to live more in our bodies rather than in the world of thought and distraction. Keeping up with a daily practice ensures a re-connection to our selves, revitalizing our bodies, our overall wellbeing and quality of life.

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