Few of us understand relaxation well enough to access it regularly, and at will to reverse the heightened nervous system response we call stress. That is because we have forgotten how to relax. It no longer comes naturally to us in particular when our environment is not optimized for well-being and health. And we might think that doing nothing to counter-balance stress is the same as relaxation. It is not.
Relaxation is an active engagement of mind and body. It’s not quite the same as doing nothing. But it has a lot to do with being present and feeling into and listening to your body. It has a lot to do with perception, attitude, and outlook, with tuning in. Relaxation can be learned, or better re-learned. This means you can take an active role in accessing more well-being for yourself.
Practice and consistency are key.
There are many ways to practice relaxation. Massage is one of them. While it appears to be requiring little involvement from the recipient, the body and mind are highly engaged in the experience. Once felt awareness is stimulated during a massage, once tensions can be experienced, an opening appears that allows for release which is an active body response, and deeper levels of relaxations can follow. This process can never be forced, only encouraged and supported. Massage is giving guidance, focus, direction, and motivation. Check for my availability here.

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