Imagine you are connecting to your body in a way that makes you feel amazing. So amazing that stress is peeling away and bouncing off, clarity and peace returning to your mind, and you feel as if you could take on anything. Imagine feeling energised by breathing well, eating nourishing food, sleeping and resting enough, moving with more purpose and awareness without discomfort and pain. Your creative and playful self starts to reawaken, with your body no longer dragging you down and restricting you. Imagine allowing yourself to relax and soften and releasing energy that is no longer locked up in your body.

It is possible to begin moving in the right direction to replenish our bodies, taking small steps. We can re-learn how good they feel, re-train to move more efficiently and free up our breathing. We can let go of reacting in a way that used to protect us from pain and injury in the past and no longer serves us. Remedial and therapeutic massage is an excellent catalyst for deep healing and re-energising the whole body.
If we map out the road ahead and commit to the little steps necessary for change, we will see progress.

Keep moving and keep well.