Massage Therapy and Body Awareness

Perception and how we feel about ourselves shapes everything that we experience, as we experience everything through our bodies. The ability to sense our surroundings, how we move, how much effort we extent, and how well we can feel what is going on depends on body awareness. We derive our sense of wellbeing from feeling alive and from responding well to inner and outer stimuli. There are a high number of sensory nerve endings in our skin, connective tissue and muscle. Keeping them stimulated, awake, and responsive is one way of activating body awareness.

Massage therapy is unique. It gives us immediate access to positively enhancing body perception and motivating change. By learning to feel and respond well, a deeper connection with the body is fostered, recognising current patterns and making change more readily available. When pain and discomfort present, they tend to dominate our inner perception and change the way we move. Often this indicates that we haven’t moved the body efficiently, leaving an imbalance in our muscles with some overworked and others underused. Stimulating a different response in the nervous system and freeing up movement in the soft tissue at the same time can make a big difference to restore equilibrium.