About Me

While I have never been an athlete, movement and developing an awareness of the physical in relation to wellbeing and balance has always been key for me. I moved from the sports of my youth to martial arts and cultivating movement in adulthood.

My particular focus for the last 20 years has been on studying the connection between mind and body, and how you can create a harmony between them that goes beyond what we normally think possible. Since becoming a professional body-worker and massage therapist in 2012 I am able to let these experiences flow into my work.

I am passionate about massage therapy because it is unique in that it gives us immediate access to positively enhance our body perception and body sensitivity while creating space for deeper relaxation and rejuvenation. By focusing on our inner experience we can foster a deeper connection with our body, helping us to recognise current patterns and making change a more readily available option.
Having overcome two different types of back injuries in the past with the help of manual therapy and movement has given me an insight into how recovery from pain can be achieved. It has informed my own remedial and therapeutic approach and supports me in developing successful strategies for my clients.